Monday, January 17, 2011

Morning tea with Frontier Bancha

There is nothing like starting the day with a simple cup of tea. The coffee fanatics are missing out. I never could get into coffee, even in my sleep deprived, stressed out college days. Everything about tea is calm and subtle, zen, the essence of nature. Coffee feels like a rock concert; it's there in your face, purely for the caffeine and adrenaline. Not to say that isn't sometimes what is needed, but there is definitely something to say about tea.

I am drinking Bancha this morning by Frontier. Organic loose leaf I got from my local natural market. I find myself moving away from my previous staple green, Miyako's Sononokaori, to this as my go-to everyday drinker. It's cheap, there isn't a whole lot going on with it, not a lot of complexity on the tongue. It is just a very solid, good green tea. Quite obviously of higher quality than the similarly priced Sononokaori. At $1.35 an ounce in-store I think it will be tough to beat in the bang-for-the-buck factor.

I would really like to get more info about the Frontier tea company, as they seem to be producing an increasing amount of the tea I drink. Perhaps that could be the subject of a future article here.

I am not going to attempt a rating on this tea quiet yet as I've only gone through maybe 4 ounces of the stuff, I will make a rating in a future post. Though if you need some verdict to take away from here, it would be that this is a good tea at a good value.

I am at the bottom of the cup now where you'll find my favorite part of tea, the bottom centimeter. With a melange of tea sediment, earth and dirt, where you get all the flavors of the leaf in one go... and with that I am off to begin the day, slightly more prepared and focused.


  1. That sounds like some pretty good tea. I usually just drink cheap green tea but I might have to try something else you recommend on here.

  2. Personally I'm in college studying engineering so I need my coffee haha. Occasionally I drink tea though. If I can find a tea that I like better from this blog, I will definitely drink more tea. Thanks and subbed!

  3. I love drinking tea but I'm kinda alone with this. Nice to read from another tealover. (:

  4. If you can smoke the tea leaves, i'm all in